Truckers say Amazon’s new logistics empire is offering low, ‘ridiculous’ rates — and some are refusing to work with them


Amazon is accused of paying ridiculously low rates in the spot market.

A FreightWaves report is showing that Amazon’s rates in the spot market are on average 18.4% lower than rates posted on DAT. Therefore, owner operators and trucking companies are refusing to work for Amazon. Daniel Lacroix, director at a regional trucking company, said: “We didn’t make it past the initial bid process because the rates were just ridiculous.” Lacroix says: “I love Amazon. I get all of my stuff off of Amazon, but I don’t want to do business with them.”

Fedex no longer will fly your Amazon packages – and now pressure is mounting up on the company as it gears up its in-house air-freight network.

There are obvious risks that Amazon will expand towards monopolizing the transportation market which will definitely impact each one of us drivers and trucking companies in long term.

The Amazon spokesman declined to comment. But once this article was published the spokesperson sent the following statement: “This is yet another…

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