Viral dash cam footage – what happens when you ignore basic rules?

This video represents  a collection of dash cam records showing trucks and car accidents when basic traffic rules are ignored.

Truck drivers have certain limitations when accelerating or slowing down. Heavy vehicles need more room to make turns and their blind spots way bigger than cars. When driving around trucks on the road, it is good to keep in mind the following:

Stay out of the heavy vehicle blind spots

Right in front of the truck

Beside the truck doors

Directly behind the truck

Two lanes across towards back from the passenger door

Image result for truck blind spots gov

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You must keep in mind that if you cannot see the truck mirror, the truck driver cannot see you.

Travel at safe distance

Do not follow trucks too closely, you must keep a distance enough for you to see the road ahead. When driving behind a heavy vehicle, allow enough time to stop safely your car safely.

When traveling in front of a heavy truck, avoid sudden brakes, the truck behind you may weigh up to 80k pounds and it can take up to 525 feet for a full stop at 65 mph speed.

Image result for stopping distance trucks us gov

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Look out for turning heavy vehicles

Trucks need more space when turning see the image below

Image result for turning trucks distance us gov

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