Is this a Mars Rover on Earth?


The technology today is advancing at the speed of light and the car industry is pioneering the adoption and implementation of new technologies. Nowadays we are talking about self-driven cars, hydrogen and electric engines and even nuclear energy engines as real candidates for full replacement of traditional internal combustion engines.

Surprisingly the ‘toy’ we are going to talk about today is one of the simplest vehicles out there. It has amazed the market with it’s minimalist design, and yet delivering and outstanding set of characteristics for this niche market.

Meet the Monster Sherp aka ‘small tank’.

What is Sherp?

Sherp is a vehicle invented by the engineer and designer Alexei Garagashyan from Russia. It is a 4×4 ATV designed to cross a variety of terrain conditions. It can be driven on soggy, rough road as well as on ice and snowy roads, also it will float and drive on the water surface like a real boat. The construction itself is very simple, while its concept is considered an engineering masterpiece.

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Sherp was designed in a way that would allow the driver to easily repair it anywhere on the road using a minimal amount of tools and without needing advanced technical knowledge. It is also equipped with minimum electrical gadgets which is allowing the engine to operate without electric in case of an issue.

This machine is definitely a unique piece of art and is almost has no competition in this niche market.

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