Top 7 Healthy Options Fast Foods for Truck Drivers


Our good mood, energy and motivation directly depend of our health. If we are healthy then we are strong and ready to transform our daily challenges straight into opportunities. We are what we eat, that is why it is very important to eat healthy. Truck drivers lifestyle  leads to exposure to certain health risks – click HERE to learn about truckers common health issues and useful tips to prevent them. The biggest struggle of the truck drivers is to eat healthy food and this is what we would like to talk next. We will share some ideas of what healthy food you can find in fast food places on the road.

Panera Bread

This is a chain of bakery cafes where you can find a variety of healthy options. They have outstanding soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches and bakery stuff. Even if it is considered to be a fast food, it is definitely one of the healthiest fast foods as they offer a large variety of fresh soups, salads and delicious sandwiches.


This is a chain of fast casual restaurant which offers a variety of healthy options as long as you skip the tortilla 🙂
It’s super easy to find healthy food at Chipotle since the whole concept is incredibly customizable, offering taco salads that allow customers to load up on greens, veggies, chicken or steak.


This is an American fast food restaurant that sells sandwiches (subs) and salads. Here you can find a lot of healthy options and the best thing is that you are able to customize your sandwich and salad, you can choose the ingredients which will make it fit your preferences and dietary needs and fit our criteria for healthy and fast food. Also Subway has  breakfast options, things like boiled eggs or omelette that can be added in your sandwich. That is why Subway is loved by millions of Americans, because of the freedom of customizing your own sandwich is like never else. Load it up!

Olive Garden

Everyone knows Olive Garden, a chain of Italian restaurants all across U.S.A. At Olive Garden they serve unlimited soups and salads for a decent price while there are lots of additional menu options to choose from. These restaurants are also offering an amazing lunch menu and they advertise that their soups and sauces are made fresh in each location. Besides having a great lunch or dinner the ambiance is pleasing with it’s Mediterranean decorations and quietness.

Panda Express

This is a Chinese fast food chain. At Panda Express they have a few healthy food options like: Firecracker Chicken Breast, Beijing Beef, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and  “Combo meals” which are served with customer’s choice of steamed rice or mixed vegetables. Another healthy choice that you can find here is the food prepared on the Wok that is a healthy alternative to using a traditional frying pan especially if you order more vegetables.

Uber Eats 

This one is not a restaurant but we have included this as a good tool to get food from any restaurant you want. It is an online food ordering and delivery platform. Made very user friendly Uber Eats can make a handy app to get what you want without having to drive too deep in the cities. What you have to do is to download this app and start ordering from your favorite restaurant near by. The app will detect your location and display the open near by restaurants. After you place your order, the food will be delivered by car or even on foot. We found that as a great application for truck drivers as they can get healthy dishes without going through heavy traffic stress of bigger cities. By the way, there is a TRUCK DRIVER GIVEAWAY happening right now. You can win an iPad by just liking and sharing that post. Learn more about our GIVEAWAY, ending on April 22, 2019 (it’s FREE, NO PURCHASE REQUIRED, NO HIDDEN TRICKS – just your ‘like’).


This is one of the most popular U.S. Coffee House chains. Starbucks is more famous for drinks and coffee, but besides that you can find some healthy freshly squeezed juices as well as good healthy snacks like fresh fruits, grain bars, yogurts and protein boxes & bowls. Besides, at Starbucks you will get an outstanding customer service experience.We hope you found this useful. If you know other places which are worth sharing, please let us know in the comments below. Have you liked this article? Give it a like to let others know about it.



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